Compatible Gamucci Micro Cartomizers

Our compatible Gamucci refills are available in three flavours and strengths, each cartomizer is pre-filled so you just need to pop it in and puff away.

The flavours on offer are classic tobacco, rich tobacco and menthol, and the strengths available are 11mg, 16mg and 24mg.

These compatible Gamucci micro cartridges are equivalent to 20-30 normal cigarettes for each cartridge, meaning in our packs of five you get the equivalent to 200 cigarettes for a fraction of the price.

Varying the strengths of the electronic cigarette refills makes it easy for smokers to cut down or stop smoking simply by reducing the strength refill you use, bear in mind that each cartridge has a finite amount of inhales so finding a comfortable strength is important to ensure you’re getting the best value.

Our compatible Gamucci refills for e-cigarettes work out much cheaper than regular cigarettes, they even work out to be cheaper than the duty free cigarettes available abroad and our blank cartomizers allow you to add your own flavour.

Choose the Flavour and Quantity of your Gamucci compatible e cig cartomizer