Compatible Nucig Pro4 Cartomizers

Cartomizers are electronic cigarette refills, they are available in a range of nicotine concentrations and flavours to fulfill your needs: whether you need a string cartomizer or want to try different flavours.

Our Nucig Pro4 compatible cartomizers are available in three concentrations, 11mg, 16mg and the strongest 24mg. You can choose between classic tobacco or rich tobacco flavor for our nucig cartridges. The tobacco we use is a smooth Virginian blend of tobacco from a well known American brand.

You can also buy blank nucig cartridges which allow you to refill them with the liquid of your choice, giving you the ultimate versatility in choosing flavours for your nucig refills.

Each of our electronic cigarette refills compatible cartomizers is the equivalent of 40 regular cigarettes, meaning that a pack of five compatible nucig refills is the same as buying 200 normal cigarettes, but at a fraction of the cost.

Our compatible nucig cartridges are as good as the originals if not better, so buy your nucig refills from Cartomizer World for a significant cost saving.

Available pre filled in 3 flavours and 3 nicotine strengths.

Choose your Flavour and Quantity